06 March, 2012

Bicycle yeay

October 2010

After whining a lot with my self to have a bicycle, Finally the day has come! With helped from Aseem + Kaka, Geetanjeli + Nosheen (they all are my very nice colleague ), I got my bicycle!!!!!!!

Although it's hard to get what I want (small,mini,slim,etc), luckily me, I got a nice secondhand bike-plus it's my size!! :) cool!! The color is blue metallic, with all the scratch in the body, and rusty everywhere. But I really like it! I fall in love from the first sight. So, I decided to buy that ugly bike and thinking to dress it up!

After 2 weeks, slowly I dressed charlotaa ( it's her name ), by cleaning the dirt that stick to her body. Also, I bought a basket to make her even more prettier. In her 3rd week, again - I made an experiment by give her a plat number (instead of number, I put my nick name on it - BOCHIL). At the end, I painted her in yellow! Whala! she's pretty enough to get an attention on the road! hahaha.

I love to ride my bicycle, I love to ride my bike ! :)


First day :)


She has a new basket, and a plat. So pretty right? :)



NEW COLOR! :) :)


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